RWV Board of Directors.  Click link to see full director biographies.

Bruce Britton
Bruce Britton is enjoying collaboration again with friend and mentor Bill McQueeney.  more
Tom Cunningham
Tom Cunningham has recently come out of retirement (for the third time) to work for Rossignol Companies Inc  more
David M. Gabrielsen
David M. Gabrielsen, currently retired was most recently Chairman and CEO of Ranpak Corporation, a specialty, “inside the box” paper-based packaging products company.  more
Joseph R. Ramrath
Joseph R. Ramrath is a founder and Managing Director of Colchester Partners LLC  more
Maureen M. Kearney
Maureen M. Kearney became involved with Rural Water Ventures at its inception through family ties.  more
Cynthia Ross Lauer
Cynthia Ross Lauer is currently employed at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, where she has been a member of their College Marketing team for 10 years.  more
Barbara Fischer McQueeney
Barbara Fischer McQueeney is currently employed by Buffalo Seminary, a private all girls’ secondary school in Buffalo, NY.  more
William E. McQueeney
William E. McQueeney founded Rural Water Ventures in 2002 and has been chairman & CEO since.  more