Project Start Date:Friday, May 15, 2015
Completion Date:11/30/2017
Target Completion Date:9/30/2017
Number of Homes:31

Project Details

157 folks in 31 families  60 are 15 or younger
57% of families do subsistence farming--corn, beans, yucas & malangas
New storage tank holds 7 cubic meters/63 cubic feet of safe water
Conduction pipeline length from spring to storage tank is 2500 linear feet
Distribution network pipelines bringing water from tank to each home are 47,500 linear feet long (9 miles)
There are 31 puestos(household water stands)  31 water meters have been installed 
25 latrines remain to be built
Calderon uses 7800 gallons of water per day.  Spring can provide up to 13,000 gallons
24% of the community do ranching, 5% do ranching, 14% are shop keepers, teachers & pastors