El Achiote Kuskawas

Project Start Date:Monday, January 12, 2015
Completion Date:9/15/2015
Target Completion Date:9/10/2015
Number of Homes:50

Project Details

* 268 people in 50 families. 81% of the population do subsistence farming, raising corn, beans and cocoa.
*since its founding the community has been forced to use untreated, bacteria laden water from pits at the edge of rivers and nearby ravines.
*to assure the success of the project families signed pledges to participate in the construction of the water system and latrines for no monetary compensation 
*the spring was encapsulated in reinforced concrete.water outflow exceeded comfortably that required to provide 19 gallons/day/person. WHO standard is 16 gallons/person/day.
*conduction pipeline running from the spring to the storage tank is 8000 linear feet (1.5 miles)
*the storage tank is 108 cubic feet (12 cubic meters) and constructed of reinforced concrete
*the length of the distribution network from the storage tank to individual homes is 24,000 linear feet (4.5 miles)  
*52 water outlets were constructed.  One for each residence and one each for the church & school.
*50 double pit latrines were constructed.