Jardin del Eden 2

Project Start Date:Thursday, July 12, 2018
Completion Date:10/15/2018
Target Completion-
People:216 inhabitants (97 women and 119 men)
Number of Homes:50 families and 1 primary school

Project Details

The gravity flow water system has been designed to have a minimum of 15 years of useful life. The expected population growth has been taken into consideration to ensure that the water demand will be satisfied in the long term The system is designed to provide water 24/7, with an average of 70 liters daily per person, for a total of 337 people.

The rehabilitation of the gravity flow water system will provide:

- 19 new home connections, each with their drainage of used water

- installation of 51 water-meter devices

- rehabillitation of 84 m of the conduction line

- improvement of both storage tanks

- rehabilitation of 10 underground intersections

- construction of 6,720 m of distribution network and a 48 m aerial intersection over the Ubu River

The project will also include construction of 43 semi elevated double ventilated improved pit latrines. In order to break the culture of dependence on external help, each family will be asked to provide 10% of the materials costs needed to build the latrine, as well as provide the workforce. As always, the villagers provide the "sweat equity" required for the rehabilitation of this water system.