Jardin Del Eden

Project Start Date:Saturday, February 10, 2007
Completion Date:7/10/2007
Target Completion-
Number of Homes:34

Project Details

  • Access beyond main road is by horse or foot for 15km (9miles)
  • No social services in the village. Some children go to school in nearby community
  • Village is without electricity.
  • 200-600 meters between residences
  • Conduction line: Main Sector; 1373 meters; Ortega Sector: 132 meters;
  • Distribution network: Main Sector; 7997 meters; Ortega Sector; 928 meters
  • Residential outlets: Main Sector, 29; Ortega Sector, 5
  • Latrines: 29 new double thickness latrines installed & 4 latrines rebuilt with double thickness