La Esperanza Rancho Grande

Project Start Date:Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Completion Date:10/15/2017
Target Completion Date:8/15/2017
Number of Homes:44

Project Details

Water Project Fundamentals

The outflow of the spring was measured weekly over a 3 month period. It exceeds significantly that required to provide 18 gallons/day/person, the APLV standard.  The spring flow measured 27,870 gallons/day.  The community requires 8296 gallons/day.  Water quality is very good. 

The community has obtained title to sufficient land surrounding the spring to provide protectingthe area from damage including erosion.

Each family in the community has a signed pledge to provide labor for construction as directed by the committee.

Major construction tasks:

The spring will be encased in reinforced concrete to provide more stability in the event of hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. 

The length of the conduction pipeline from spring to storage tank will be 1621 linear feet.  There will be two underground crossings, beneath small streams. 

The length of pipelines in the distribution network, running from the storage tank to individual homes, is 21,768 linear feet.  These pipelines, as always, will be installed 1 meter deep with trenching and backfilling done by hand.

The storage tank will be 81 cubic feet (9 cubic meters) and constructed of reinforced concrete.

46 residential water outlets will be constructed.  46 water meters will be installed

38 latrines will be constructed with the help of an APLV mason.  These will be double pit latrines, which will provide them hygienic sanitation for a much longer timeframe.

Community Health Promoters will be selected & trained by an APLVN health promoter.  Basic health training will be provided to women and school children by APLVN.