Lirio de los Valles

Project Start Date:Monday, January 10, 2011
Completion Date:10/8/2011
Target Completion-
Number of Homes:27

Project Details

  • Survive by subsistence farming
  • People are extremely poor
  • All labor was provided by villagers with no monetary compensation
  • Spring output quantity 43,200 liters/day
  • Required for 1.5x population = 18,200 liters/day
  • Conduction line length 480 feet --will be installed manually 1 meter deep
  • Storage tank size---55 cubic feet
  • Distribution network length--17,000 feet(3.27 miles) was installed manually 1 meter deep
  • Bringing water to each residence plus the school & church
  • Safe drinking water outlets were installed in 27 backyards and the school & church
  • Latrines built at the 25 residences that lacked them