Los Valdeses

Project Start Date:Wednesday, February 4, 2009
Completion Date:11/4/2009
Target Completion-
Number of Homes:32

Project Details

  • Design accommodates growth to 335 residents
  • There are individual residential water stands
  • 32 latrines have been constructed
  • Watershed is 2 manzanas (4 acres)
  • The springs deliver 4x water needed
  • There are 2 storage tanks, one for each sector
  • Conduction line exceeds 7 kms and distribution network 10 kms. Huge!
  • Terrain is rugged & varying. air pressure vents are installed
  • 6 underground ravine crossings, and two 34m bridges were built
  • Spring and surrounding land have been acquired legally
  • Reforestation of spring area is ongoing.