Project Start Date:Monday, May 15, 2017
Completion Date:4/15/2018
Target Completion Date:9/1/2018
People:281 people, including 147 men and 134 women
Number of Homes:69 residences plus a school & a church

Project Details

Principal outcome sought in 2017

1 gravity flow water system, providing outlets with meters for 69 homes and 4 community institutions. This will provide the whole community with quality water in abundant quantity

Target Beneficiaries

The direct beneficiaries are 69 families and 4 institutions(one primary school, one evangelical church, one communal house and one handicraft house), for a total of 281 inhabitants.


One spring capture

One conduction line of 179 m (555 linear feet) long

Two underground intersections

One concrete box to protect the filter cleaning valves

One storage tank with a capacity of 11 m3

One distribution network of 5,223 m  (16,200 linear feet) long

One box to protect flow control valves

Total of 73 home connections with water meters