Valle de Casa

Project Start Date:Monday, December 2, 2013
Completion Date:7/1/2014
Target Completion Date:9/1/2014
Number of Homes:33

Project Details

Spring output =83,000 gallons/day.  That is more than required to provide each person with 23 gallons/person/day.  The standard of the World Health Organization is 16 gallons/person/day

The pipeline installed between the springs & storage tank is over 6800 linear feet and was installed entirely by hand 3 feet deep. 

The storage tank of reinforces concrete is 21 cubic feet

The distribution network pipelines going from the storage tank and delivering water to each backyard, as well as the school & church, required more than 5500 linerar feet and were installed completely by hand 3 feet deep.

Safe drinking water outlets were installed at 33 houses as well as the school & church.

21 new double pit latrines were constructed at the residences needing them.